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"Living with disabilities can be more than a little challenging, but with the help of caring people and a little humor, you can still enjoy life."

Tonia, Mother

Dedicated Support for All

Dakota Center for Independent Living (DCIL) is dedicated to serving the needs of our patrons in every way imaginable. No disability is too large or small for our team, and we are proud to offer a variety of services to the disabled community.

Core Services

Information & Referral

Promoting independence by providing information on a wide variety of disability-related topics (e.g.) - housing, transportation, social security, legislative issues, and making referrals to other agencies for services and community resources.

Individual and Systems Advocacy

Individual Advocacy means working with people with disabilities to support themselves in safeguarding their civil rights. Through Systems Advocacy, DCIL staff work with others to ensure that choices, services and supports are in place in the communities where people with disabilities choose to live, work and play. An example of Systems Advocacy is being aware of and promoting changes in local, state and federal legislation that directly affect people with disabilities.

Peer Support

The Peer Support Program is designed to promote positive coping skills for people with disabilities, including individuals with newly acquired disabilities. The peer supporter and individual share the impact of their disabilities, and develop plans that enable that person to live more independently. DCIL offers training that prepares people with disabilities to become peer supporters.

Independent Living Skills Training

Training is provided in a one-to-one setting in areas of: meal planning, money management, benefits counseling, community integration, and other skills needed to increase independence in their homes and communities.

Transitional Services

Living my life as I choose.
DCIL believes that every North Dakotan, regardless of disability, deserves the opportunity to live a life of full inclusion. Transitional Services helps individuals navigate significant life transitions. DCIL facilitates this process by acting as the liaison between the individual and various agencies and services. Examples include:

  • Relocating individuals from nursing homes or institutions into a community-based living arrangement
  • Helping individuals at risk of a move into nursing homes or care institutions remain in the independent-living community
  • Assisting young adults as they transition from high school into adulthood

Additional Services

Accessibility Assessments

DCIL will provide businesses, schools, recreation sites, federally funded housing complexes and homes with accessibility assessments to determine what accommodations and/or modifications are needed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Fair Housing Act and UFAS.

Representative Payee Service

The Social Security Administration may require a representative payee to assist some beneficiaries in managing their SSI and/or SSDI benefits. DCIL may provide this service following the strict guidelines established to maintain consumer control and choices. Fees for this service are determined by the Social Security Administration.



  • IRET Apartments: talk to Rhonda 701-258-2244- will make accommodations at tenants’ request.
  • Cottonwood Apartments– 2020 12th STREET, 701-221-0500
  • Westwood Apartments– 1101 WESTWOOD STREET – 701-255-1455
  • Kirkwood Manor Apartments– 140 EAST INDIANA AVE- Manager #201 or call 701-222-8992
  • North Point Apartments– 1930 CAPITOL AVE. – Manager 701-223-7399
  • Pebble Springs Apartments– 3110 N 19TH STREET- 701-223-9165
  • River Ridge Apartments – 2130 S 12th STREET – Manager – 701-258-2244
  • Highland Meadows Apartments – 1110 WEST CAPITAL AVE. – 701- 258-6364
  • Calgary Apartment – 3310 N 19th STREET – (877) 205-2582

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