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January is Nat’l Birth Defects Prevention Month


The Importance of the Great American Bike Race (GABR)


Disability in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Starting a Career in Business

May is National Mental Health Month

Debunking Myths About Accommodating Employees with Disabilities

Very Thankful for DCIL

Jon’s Quote

An Advocate From the Start

Everyone Should Have an Open Mind

Farming With a Disability

The Great Outdoors and Living With a Disability

My Perspective on People on the Spectrum

What to Know About Autism Spectrum Disorder

Isolation is Already Familiar to Some

Telehealth and People with Disabilities

Talk to Us, Not Whoever is with Us

Misconception #2 – Unfunded Mandate

MythBusters: The Service Animal Edition

Misconception #3-Proof of Disability

Misconception #2 – Unfunded Mandate

ADA Misconceptions

ND SMP Scam of the Month – October 2019 Continue to Guard Your Card!

Agency Celebrates Disability Employment Awareness Month

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Bismarck Consumers Advocate for Their Communities

Friendship & Blessing, Different Abilities

29 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month- PTSD

North Dakota Nice: #SayYESS

North Dakota Nice: #SayYESS

Fearless vs. Fear Less: My Own Conclusions By: Kenny Salvini

“I Was Really Successful at Living Poorly”

Workforce Possibilities

OCTOBER – National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Dana’s Story-Support and a Sunny Disposition Stimulate Recovery

Theory Of Mind (Remember Other People Have Thoughts and Feelings, too)

Making Friends When You Have Anxiety

Mental Health Awareness Month #8

Mental Illness Awareness Month #7

Mental Health Awareness Month #6

Mental Health Awareness Month #5

Mental Illness Awareness Month #4

Mental Health Awareness Month #3

Mental Health Awareness Month, #2

An Exceptional Person in So Many Ways

Mental Health Awareness Month

Engage at Every Age

What one woman on the spectrum hopes for during World Autism Month

Myths about Autism are Bad for Business

Finally Seeing Yourself as Others See You

Heart and Stroke Month

New Year, Better You

A Memorial to Ed Roberts, Born January 23, 1939


January-Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

Secretary-General’s Message for 2017 “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all”

Thanksgiving 2017

My Veterans Day

No One Brings Dinner When Your Daughter is an Addict

Why This Commonly-Spoken Phrase About Autism Is Actually Offensive

Remembering the Good Things

Misconceptions and Advantages Hiring People with Disabilities

National Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month-September

October National Disability Employment Month

Back to School Time Already

SMA Awareness Month

Always Something New


Mental Health Awareness Month

What is it Really Like to Live With Mental Illness

Dear Mom of a Child With a Disability, I Celebrate You

Summertime Safety

May-ALS Awareness Month

National Autism Awareness Month

Different but not Less

World Down Syndrome Day

When Is a Good Time to Start Receiving Social Security Benefits?

Testifying in Front of the Legislature

Mental Health Issues In Special Needs Parents

Dealing with the Cold and Snow

Getting Through the Holidays

Five Healthy Habits For Mental Strength

Thankfulness: The Special Needs Way

Concerns About Accommodation

8 Thanksgiving Hacks for Kids on the Spectrum

Veteran’s Day



Adaptive vs. Assistive Technology

Celebrating 53 Years of the Developmental Disabilities Act

Social Security Announces 0.3 Percent Benefit Increase for 2017

All Votes Matter

Finding Employment with a Disability

Finding Your Way Back to Managing Your Own Money

Prevalence of Substance Abuse

Preparing for Back to School When Your Child has Disabilities

July 26th Celebration

ADA Celebration

Facebook Adds Accessible Feature to Make Site More Inclusive to People with Vision Impairments and Blindness

Accessible Prescription Labels are Available

Hiring a Home Health Care Employee

November is National Family Caregivers Month

Winter Energy Saving Tips

The Importance of People First Language

Van Accommodations for People with Disabilities

Best Way to Find Out Severe Weather Alerts

A Note on Bullying from our Systems/Community Advocate

President Obama’s Budget Requests Increase in Independent Living Funding

A Look Into the Life of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Seven Budgeting Tips for the Holidays

Don’t Let the Senate Gut the ABLE Act

Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Began on November 15, 2014

Have You Thanked a Caregiver Today? November is National Family Caregivers Month  

Obama Clarifies Anti-bullying Protections

Why People get Denied for Disability Social Security Benefits

Housing Issues in North Dakota Spark Changes to the Roots Housing Program

Reach Out: What We Learn from the Death of Robin Williams