Dakota Center for Independent Living

Workforce Possibilities

With it being National Disability Employment Awareness Month, here’s an idea…

We have a huge, untapped resource of great workers in our community.  These folks could be a tremendous benefit to the workforce in our community.  This is the community of people with different abilities, which others may call disabilities.

Many people on the autism spectrum are keenly aware and sensitive to the input going on around them at all times, but they can stay focused on the task at hand without skipping a beat. Honesty, bluntness, reliability and passion are very typical qualities when looking to hire new employees and these qualities are characteristic for many on the spectrum.  They spend the time, energy, and the imagination necessary to truly master what they are focused on and they stick to it even when the task becomes  difficult, frustrating or just plain ‘uncool’ to do so.

Sometimes it takes a small amount of patience to learn and to understand the world of autism, but you will always be the one who gains from this relationship. You can’t put a price tag on the amazing qualities of these individuals.

In a world where we deal every day with dishonesty, bullying, and a low moral compass, I find the qualities of these people on the autism spectrum, very refreshing. If you give them a chance to share themselves with you, you can watch how they may cause your business to prosper.

And this is just one of the many groups of people with different abilities that seek employment in our community. Being inclusive and diverse in your employee base could help your business to grow.  Win/win.