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Dakota Center for Independent Living

Accessible Prescription Labels are Available

scripview_example2_300_199Misreading a prescription drug label can be dangerous. Luckily, there are accessible prescription labels available to help people with low vision/blindness take medication correctly and independently. Rite Aid and Walmart pharmacies have these labels available nationwide, but due to North Dakota law, they’re not available here.

However, accessible prescription labels are available via mail order from these national mail order pharmacies:

  • com Home Delivery (audible prescription labels)
  • (large print labels)
  • Walmart Mail Order (audible prescription labels)
  • Humana Mail Order (audible and braille prescription labels)
  • Rite Aid Mail Order (audible, large print, and braille prescription labels)
  • United Healthcare/OptumRx Mail Order (audible prescription labels)

The following options are available:

  • Large Print labels
    • To create large print labels, pharmacists use what is called Scripview. This is a non-glare, high contrast, durable label that presents all the needed information in a large print booklet style label. The information is presented in 18 point font. Scripview works for any prescription.
  • Braille labels
    • BRL prescription labels meet the guidelines and recommendations set by the U.S. Access Board’s Working Group on Accessible Prescription Labels. These prescription labels contain the same information as any other prescription label.
  • Audible labels
    • A ScripTalk Station is required to create audible labels. Press a button and place the special talking label over the reader. You will h ear a voice reading the information printed on the label. The ScripTalk Station works by using RFID and text-to-speech technology. A thin antennae and microchip embedded within the label are programmed with all the printed information. Because the data is stored in the label itself, it can be used on any size bottle, box, vial, tube, or other prescription container.