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Mental Health Awareness Month #6

In men, depression can be a serious yet treatable condition.  Around six million men suffer from depression each year.

Symptoms of depression: 

Changes in appetite that result in weight losses or gains unrelated to dieting,  restlessness or irritability, feelings of worthlessness and difficulty concentrating, or making decisions or thoughts of death or suicide or attempts at suicide.

You are human.  Many men feel ashamed of being labeled s depressed, but remember that you are a human being, and that depression is treatable.

Children’s Mental Health

For parents/guardians, the key to successfully handling mental disorders in children is to recognize the problem and seek the appropriate and necessary treatment.

Conduct Disorder- Children with a conduct disorder have behavior that shows a strong disregard for the rules of society and life in general.  Conduct disorders are often one of the most frequently seen mental disorders in children.

Get help-Do not be afraid to ask for help getting help, as the appropriate treatment for conduct disorders is essential.  Treatments are aimed at helping and guiding young children in order for them to realize and understand the effects their behavior has on others.

Are Mental Illnesses Inherited?

Yes, many mental illnesses are hereditary.  The most common mental illnesses that are passed on in an individual’s genes are Bipolar Disorder and schizophrenia.  If you believe that your child may have inherited a mental health trait from yourself or another family member, speak with our child’s doctor.  Be sure to inform him/her of your family’s mental history and express any questions or concerns you may have.