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Dakota Center for Independent Living

Alicia Rombs Success Story

Menards is TRULY an outstanding business in the Bismarck community. Menards worked with me after my spinal cord injury to maintain employment. In September, I will have been employed there twelve years. I have held many different positions within the company and have enjoyed many. I currently am working in the cabinet and appliance department designing and doing sales, very rewarding! Menards also employs at least another fifteen employees that are handicapped at some level. Most of these employees work part time and are also long-term employees. The great thing about Menards is that they don’t discriminate. All of us 15+ employees are not in the same department or doing the same job. The levels of disabilities range from almost non-existent to severe like mine in some cases. We are all treated like family here. I believe this is in great part to the General Manager Brian Frank. Thank You Brian for taking that chance on me 8 years ago and sticking by me through it all!