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Dakota Center for Independent Living

Sanford Driver Rehabilitation Program

Sanford Health has a driver rehabilitation program. This driver evaluation and training process was created to help people resume their independent lifestyle after a disabling illness or injury. The therapists are certified driver rehabilitation specialists who will assess a person’s ability to drive safely and can also teach you how to use adaptive equipment and assist with vehicle modification and selections for specific needs.

A professional driving assessment may be necessary if a person has physical limitations that may require adaptive equipment, cognitive impairments that may cause problems in identifying driving hazards, visual impairments, delayed reaction time, and apprehension about an individual’s driving ability.

During the evaluation, the certified driver rehabilitation specialist gives a clinical evaluation of physical, cognitive, and visual skills. They will also evaluate a person’s behind the wheel performance, evaluate any adaptive equipment needs, help with vehicle selection and modifications, provide driving training which may include adaptive equipment, and refer the person to any other needed driver training program that might be needed.

In order to have a driving evaluation, a person needs to complete the application forms, submit medical records that relate to an illness or disability effecting driving, have a physician referral, have a valid driver’s license or special permit, meet North Dakota seizure law and visual requirements, and have prior authorization from funding sources, if applicable.

To find out more about the driver rehabilitation services, please contact:

Sanford Driver Rehabilitation Program

300 N 7th St

Bismarck, ND 58501

Phone: 701-323-6153