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Dakota Center for Independent Living

Have Writing Difficulties? There’s an App for That

An app has been created to help students with writing difficulties. For individuals with disabilities that impact writing, filling out a worksheet could cause frustration and cause the individual to fall behind academically.

The SnapType app was created to help a 5th grader with dysgraphia. He knew the material, but he wasn’t able to write his answers in the space provided quickly or neatly enough to be successful. An occupational therapist in training noted his difficulty and decided to find the solution. When she couldn’t find it, she created it alongside a developer.

This app allows a student to take a picture of any worksheet or workbook page with an iPad, and then add text using the iPad’s virtual keyboard, an external keyboard, finger, or stylus.

Using this app is easy. It is as simple as snapping a picture, and then type or write the answer. A slider at the top of the app window allows you to change the font size so the writing fits into the blank space. Documents can be shared as a PDF, image, or SnapType document by using the share button. This allows the individual to use the image in any app on his/her device which can accept images or PDFs. This means that worksheets can be emailed to the teacher.

The SnapType app would be beneficial to any person with a disability that impacts writing. The app allows you to type anywhere on the document by creating text boxes. This could help someone fill out a job application or other necessary forms.

This app is free and can be found in the iTunes store.