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The Dakota Center for Independent Living, Inc. believes in self-determination for people with disabilities and creates the environment in which it is achieved.


The Dakota Center for Independent Living, Inc. was established in 1980 to enhance the opportunities for people with disabilities to achieve their individual potential and maximum participation and productivity in society.

The Dakota Center for Independent Living (DCIL), provides services and programs for persons from cross disability groups.  Funding for the program is provided through grants from the United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration.  The primary purpose of the DCIL is to provide and develop programs and services which champion the Independent Living philosophy, defined as a life style which allows all individuals regardless of their disabilities the greatest degree of choice and control over their lives.

The Dakota Center for Independent Living, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.  Fifty  one percent of the governing board members are persons with disabilities.  The board members promote a variety of services which assist our consumers to access community resources, become integrated members of the community and increase their independence and self determination while minimizing unnecessary dependence on others.

All areas of daily living are addressed, from adequate housing and personal assistant referral services to educational, employment referral services and benefits counseling.

•The original grant moneys received in 1980 provided the money to begin what is now Housing, Industry, Training Inc. located at Mandan, N.D.
•The Center for Independent Living became a program of Housing, Industry, Training Inc. after 1980.
•October 1993, the Center for Independent Living, Inc. received its 501 (c) 3 status as a nonprofit organization, becoming a separate agency from Housing, Industry, Training Inc.
•October 1993, the agency changed its name to: The Dakota Center for Independent Living, Inc.
•In the first part of 1993, the Center appointed its first board of directors.  
•Bylaws and letters of incorporation were approved in 1993.
•The DCIL moved from space it was renting from Housing, Industry, Training Inc. at Mandan, N.D. to new offices located at the present address at Bismarck N.D. in April 1995.
•Opened the DCIL branch office at Dickinson, ND in 1995.

Board of Directors


Robin Werre
Location: Bismarck, ND

Royce Schultze
Executive Director
Location: Bismarck

Diane Tomlin
Location: Halliday, ND

Mary Robinson
Program Director
Location: Bismarck

Carol Mihulka
Location: Bismarck, ND

Kathy Temchack
Independent Living Advocate
Location: Bismarck

Dan Mimnaugh
Location: Dawson, ND

Jeannie Pedersen
Peer Program Coordinator
Location: Bismarck

Marcia Hettich
Location: Elgin, ND

Ardeen Belile Brenneise
Location: Bismarck

Helen Baumgartner
Location: Mandan, ND

Vicki Laraway
Systems / Community Advocate
Location: Bismarck

Brian Tinker
McClusky, ND

Susan Helm
Independent Living Advocate
Location: Bismarck


Chantel Zeller
Branch Office Program Coordinator
Location: Dickinson


Heather Larsen
Independent Living Advocate
Location: Dickinson













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